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Ceylon Artisan Jam Makers

Sri Lanka has been famous for exotic fruits and spices for many centuries. It's a well-known truth that Sri Lanka been exporting species all over the world. With a new thinking, SPICE LAB BY CEYLON already prepared to deliver best natural jam and spreads to the local and international market. We are providing the best artisan jam and spreads which combine the quality, freshness, authenticity, and ethics to offer products that offer the best Ceylon centuries of heritage in producing the finest flavours in the world. A manufacturer of handmade jam, jelly, flavor and chutney. Where everything is hand-made to capture the true depth of flavor of the fruit using open pans in small batches. All products are produced locally in Sri Lanka using the excellent local products on offer. We assured fruits buying from the rural area from Sri Lanka, under the perfect weather conditions nourish the soil and take care by the expert farmers with their practices. We make sure all our products meet the international standards and promise to continue the same level of the standards every day. with a purpose of community development, all of our fruits are taking from small scale farmers to them to grow their business, and to upgrade their life stranded by doing rapid business with the company. we help our local community by sourcing our suppliers through small business and participate in fair pay.

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SPICE LAB BY CEYLON own by a young group of Sri Lankans from different backgrounds of medicine, agriculture, food science and marketing with a objective of creating a business to deliver the best Ceylon natural products to the international and to popular the Sri Lankan artisan jam and spreads internationally and extend the business worldwide. Similarly empowering the local community and connecting them with the international market

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Jams and Spreads

Soursop, Mango, Woodapple, Date, Cinnamon and Nutmeg


Hot Chillie, Pepper and Nutmeg


Tamarind and Bilimbi


Soursop Leaves Powder









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  • Address"Warna", Pahala WItiyala, Thihagoda, Matara, Sri Lanka.
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